Caught on Tape: Parents use small children to steal from store on Christmas Day

It’s a crime leaving a lot of people to scratch their heads, as a family is caught on surveillance video stealing from a store on Christmas Day.

The theft happened in Paramount, California and the store’s surveillance system caught it all. Police say the parents appear to be using their own children, as young as four years old, to take everything from clothing to cash.

In one part of the video, two young boys are spotted reaching into the cash register and stealing money, over and over again, grabbing only large bills. Police say there is audio on the recordings and that investigators hear the mother instructing the boys what to do.

Police say the children could be seen holding up shirts and communicating with the adults, in what appears to be the children asking if they have the right thing.

Police say it looks like this family either has done this before or practiced quite a bit.

Investigators say the parents face multiple charges. Source – eyewitness news 9.

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