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Testimonials for Bail Bond ServicesOur Client Retention Rate on Bail Bond Services is approximately 96.90%.

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Below are some of the many unsolicited Bail Bond Service testimonials received from our highly satisfied Florida BailBond clients & nationwide clients.


“I needed help, and fast. I was turned down by other Florida bail bond agencies because my husband’s bail was very low; however, Miami Bail Bond .com was very helpfull. Their Miami Bailbonds agents helped me post a bond quickly. I contacted their Florida Bail bond Company at 4:30 AM and they respond to my needs. “
Denise – Ft Lauderdale, FL

” Your Florida Bail Bonding Company definitely satisfied our Bailbonds needs. Your Ft Pierce Bail bondsmen went far and beyond what was expected of them and provided exceptional bail bond services at the last minute while other bailbond companies stalled…. Thank you so much for your professional services”
Jimmy- Ft Pierce, FL

“I recently called Miami Bail Bond .com to assist me with the arrest of one of my clients by a local law enforcement agency. Miami Bail Bond .com was , on very short notice secure the quick release of my client from the police booking station. Thanks to their efficient services, my client was relieved from having to be transferred to the Miami Dade County Jail where he would have experienced a much more arduous and lengthy release process. “
Betancourt, Esq.
…Attorney At law — Miami, West Palm Beach, Weston & Kendall, FL

“The date was August 10, 2009. I went to the Miami Dade County Court to pay a traffic ticket. Well, to my surprise the judge had other plans for me….The judge ordered my arrest on a $40,000.00 warrant… Other Florida Bail Bonds Companies could not help me. But Miami bail bond .com came through for me…I called their Bail bonds Agency and they assisted me in getting out of having to sit in jail while the issue got straightened out. If it wasnt for the Bailbondsmen at Miami Bail Bond .com, I would have sat in jail for about 3 months until the situation got resolved. The Bail Agents at Miami Bail bond .com were very professional and went the extra mile to assist me…All the other Miami Bail Bonds Agencies which I initially called did not show interest in taking my Bail as it appeared to be very complicated for them .”
Gabrielle – Port St Lucie, Stuart, FL

Miami Bail Bond .com is absolutely the ultimate bail bond business in Florida. Mitch and Rick have provided first class service to my Florida Criminal Law firm and our clients for years – from bailing someone out of jail on a $1 million bond, to instant and reliable information 24 hrs a day. Miami Bail Bond .com is simply the best Miami Bail Bonds Company !…..Thanks guys…Keep Bailing !   JR. Jefesons, Esquire

Miami Bail Bond .com provides incomparable service, in both federal and state cases…they truly offer premiere class service.. to all the Miami Criminal Defense attorneys and clients at our law firm. Thanks for all your support. R.G

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