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Need Miami Immigration Bond or Florida Immigration Bail Bond ? Our Immigration Bondsmen can help with Immigration Bonds Service Florida, including Broward, West Palm beach, St Lucie County and all other counties in Florida. Our INS Bail Bondsman Bonding Company also offers bails bonding services in Miami, Ft Pierce, Fort Myers,  Tampa, Naples, Orlando, Hialeah, Port Saint Lucie, Martin, Brevard County, south Florida & nationwide.

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Florida Immigration bonds are like federal bond because the the detainees are usually held by the Bureau of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) pending a hearing or court appearance. Similarly to regular state bail bonds, Florida Immigration bail bonds are to ensure the defendants appearance by the courts or INS (Immigration and Naturalization Service).

FLORIDA IMMIGRATION BONDSMAN Florida Immigration Bonds are similar to state and federal bonds because they are designed to guarantee the appearance of the individual to all court proceedings. If the defendant does not appear in court for his Immigration charges, the Immigration Bond will be subject to immediate forfeiture. Unlike state and federal bonds, the only release options for INS detainees are: 1) cash bond paid directly to the Bureau of Immigration and Customs Enforcement , or 2) surety bond posted by a bail bondsman licensed to handle immigration bonds. Florida Immigration bonds are a little more complicated than regular bonds. Make sure to call a Florida Immigration bail bondsman who is well experienced in this type of bail. In addition to the normal bail bonds licensing requirements, an Immigration Bail Bondsman must hold a casualty insurance license to be able to post immigration bonds. All Florida bail bondsmen from Miami Bail Bond .com are well versed with the process of immigration and naturalization service. It is a fact that Florida immigration bonds tend to be more expensive than state and federal bonds, since the risk of Immigration bonds is much higher. The premium for florida Immigration bonds is 15%.

Call a South Florida Bondsman from Miami Bail Bond .com anytime. We are here to help. Our bailbond agents have the experience and license requirements necessary to post an immigration bond in Miami, Broward, Palm Beach County, Saint lucie County or anywhere in the U.S. Collateral is requested in most immigration bond cases. Collateral for an Immigration Bond can be in the form of property, real estate, cash, jewelry, gold, stocks and bonds or cars. Unlike other Florida bailbonding agencies and bails bondsmen Miami, our Florida Bail Bond Company offers Immediate bailbonds service through our “Bonds by Phone” service. Our Florida bail bonds men offer dependable, fast and discrete immigration bond service and free INS information 24 hrs a day.

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The two types of Immigration bonds available are :

  1. A Delivery Bond – An alien which is arrested by the Bureau of Immigration and Customs Enforcement and is issued a Warrant of Arrest (Form I-205) and a Notice of Custody Conditions (Form I-286) could possibly be eligible for a delivery bond. The amount of the delivery bond should be sufficient to ensure that the alien will appear for future immigration proceedings.

  2. Voluntary Departure Bond – An alien that is allowed departure of the country voluntarily after being placed in removal proceedings (or in lieu of such proceedings) has been granted Voluntary Departure. The Immigration Judge may require that someone post an Immigration Bail bond in an amount that will ensure the alien departs the United States within the specified time.

The Florida Immigration bail bond process is conducted in an efficient manner by our offices. For free info and advise on your Immigration case, please call our offices for more info.

Please have the following information available in order to start the process for a Florida Immigration Bond.

Do not worry if you do not have all of the information,…simply contact our bailsbonds office and a friendly immigration Bailbond agent will help with the bailsbond process.

  • Alien Name

  • Alien Registration Number

  • Alien’s date of birth

  • Facility where the alien is being held

  • Alien’s home address

  • Alien’s country of birth

  • BailBond Amount

  • Name, address, Social Security Number, and Phone Number of the person posting an Immigration bond.

  • Acceptable forms of identification Needed for an Imigration Bond:

    • Permanent Resident Card

    • Passport with appropriate stamps

    • Valid driver’s license

    • State identification with proof of immigration status

Our Florida bail bondsman offer Miami Immigration Bonds, Florida Immigration Bailbonds and Immigration Bonds in Miami-Dade County, Broward and other counties & states.

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